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WINTER ALERT: Please come to work EARLY if you're scheduled within the next 24 hours!

A winter storm warning has been issued and in effect from 4am, Saturday, January 23, 2016 through 7am, Sunday, January 24, 2016. Due to possible transportation issues related to the weather, please arrive earlier than you are scheduled to be sure you are able to work. As essential clinical personnel (PCA, PCT, POC, PCC) during a winter storm alert, your presence at the hospital is critical during a winter storm alert. You are expected to report on time for work.

Additionally, please also be prepared if needed to spend additional time at the hospital, so we can ensure the care of the patients during winter alerts. You may wish to bring an overnight bag, additional clothes, toiletries and other essentials, so that you're comfortable. We recommend that you make proper arrangements to ensure your personal responsibilities such as child care, elderly care or other appointments that you may have scheduled are covered during the time you may need to be a WMC.

Due to the winter weather warning, we will provide accommodations for you if you are required to stay at the hospital. You will also be paid $8/hr for your wait time at the hospital if you arrive early or sleep at the hospital. Once your regular shift begins, you’ll be paid your regular pay rate. Standard overtime will be paid for hours worked over 40.

OWS is carefully monitoring the weather conditions and local transportation. Please check the OWS hotline 866.553.1989 and press 5 for transportation updates and times. Please also check your local reports for closures in your area. We are encouraging that all personnel take precautionary measures to ensure your own safety as you commute to the hospital, taking note to proceed cautiously when walking from the parking lot to the facility. You can't take exceptional care of your patients unless you make sure you're safe, so please allow extra time to get to work and travel safely.

If you are not scheduled, but are available to work during these conditions, please contact the OWS staffing office at 866.553.1989.

Check in at the OWS Staffing Office in the main hospital when you arrive. For updates and details, call the OWS Hotline at 866.553.1989.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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